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What Is A Cortado? Get To Know The Menotti's Cortado

What Is A Cortado? Get To Know The Menotti's Cortado

Straight from the coffee culture in Spain, the Cortado is a no-fuss combo of bold espresso & steamed milk. Learn more about the Cortado from Menotti's here:

Sip Back & Relax: Menotti’s Take on the Cortado and Why It Hits the Spot

What's a Cortado at Menotti’s?

Straight from the bustling coffee culture in Spain, the Menotti’s Cortado is a no-fuss combo of bold espresso and warm steamed milk. It's like a little cup of comfort that packs a punch.

Why Choose a Menotti’s Cortado?

At Menotti’s, we love the Cortado for its perfect blend of strong espresso and smooth milk. It's that sweet spot between intense and mellow, just the way we like it.

If you're a coffee lover who wants the best of both worlds, the Menotti’s Cortado is your go-to.

The Best Beans for Your Menotti’s Cortado

For that authentic Menotti’s Cortado experience, we recommend beans with character.

Opt for a medium to dark roast, like our Brazilian Fazenda Rainha or Colombian Valle Del Cauca Single Origins. They bring out the chocolatey and nutty vibes that complement the richness of the Cortado.

Best Milk for Your Menotti’s Cortado

Keeping it classic, we usually go for whole milk to make our Cortado creamy.

But hey, feel free to switch it up with oat or almond milk if you’re feeling adventurous. It’s all about finding your perfect mix.

How To Make Your Menotti’s Cortado

  • Pull That Espresso: Start with a double shot of our signature espresso. We make it strong and aromatic, just the way you like it.
  • Warm Up the Milk: Heat up an equal amount of milk to your espresso. We’re aiming for a silky, frothy texture that enhances the coffee goodness.
  • Mix It Up: Pour that warm milk into your espresso, and let the magic unfold. It’s that perfect balance that makes the Menotti’s Cortado special.

  • How to Enjoy Your Menotti’s Cortado

    Grab one of our signature 4oz metal cups— so cute! Take it slow, sip by sip, and let the flavors develop on your palate.

    It’s a moment of pure joy, Menotti’s style.

    What to Enjoy It With?

    Pair your Menotti’s Cortado with a freshly baked croissant or a buttery chocolate chip cookie.

    The slight sweetness of the pastries complements the robustness of the Cortado, creating a delightful harmony.

    FAQs: Your Menotti’s Cortado Questions Answered

    Q: Can I use a different kind of milk?

    A: Absolutely! Whole milk is classic, but if you're feeling adventurous, give oat or almond milk a try. It might just become your new favorite.

    Q: Any specific beans for Menotti’s Cortado?

    A: Go for our Brazilian or Colombian varieties. They’re crafted to bring out the rich flavors that define Menotti’s.

    Q: Can I have it iced?

    A: While it’s usually a warm hug, we're always up for a little twist. Try it over ice for a refreshing Menotti’s Cortado experience.

    Q: How’s Menotti’s Cortado different from a Flat White?

    A: Our Cortado has that equal parts magic—just espresso and milk. It’s a bit different from a Flat White, which might be creamier with more milk.

    Where to Find Menotti’s Cortado?

    Indulge in the Menotti’s Cortado experience at our cozy locations in Culver City or Venice Beach.

    If you’re not in the neighborhood, bring a piece of Menotti’s home by ordering our signature beans online. It’s a sip of joy, Menotti’s style, no matter where you are.

    Cheers to good coffee moments!

    What is the difference between a Cortado and a Piccolo?


    Definition: The word "Cortado" comes from the Spanish verb "cortar," which means "to cut." True to its name, a Cortado is a beverage where a shot of espresso is "cut" with a small amount of warm milk. The typical ratio is around 1:1, balancing the strong flavor of espresso with the smoothness of steamed milk.

    Characteristics: The Cortado has a bolder coffee flavor compared to drinks with more milk, offering a rich and robust experience. It's often served in a small, heat-resistant glass, allowing you to appreciate the layers of espresso and milk.


    Definition: The term "Piccolo" means "small" in Italian. In the coffee world, a Piccolo is a short espresso with a small amount of steamed milk, typically served in a small glass. It's like a miniature latte or a shorter version of a Flat White.

    Characteristics: The Piccolo, like the Cortado, maintains a strong coffee flavor due to its concentrated espresso base. However, the milk-to-espresso ratio might be a bit different, with a Piccolo often having more milk than a Cortado. This results in a creamier texture while still preserving the intensity of the coffee.

    Key Differences:

    • Milk Ratio: The primary distinction lies in the ratio of espresso to milk. While both drinks feature a combination of the two, a Cortado usually maintains a 1:1 ratio, offering a more balanced and bold flavor. In contrast, a Piccolo may have a slightly higher milk content, resulting in a creamier texture.
    • Origins: The Cortado has its roots in Spain, reflecting the Spanish preference for a well-balanced coffee-milk blend. On the other hand, the Piccolo has Italian origins, aligning with the Italian passion for espresso-based beverages.
    • Presentation: Both drinks are often served in small glasses, but the vessel can vary. A Cortado is traditionally presented in a small, heat-resistant glass, while a Piccolo might be served in a smaller cup or glass.

    In summary, while the Cortado and Piccolo share similarities in terms of being espresso-based drinks with a touch of milk, the nuances lie in the specific ratios, origins, and presentation. Choosing between the two ultimately depends on your preference for the intensity of the coffee flavor and the creaminess of the milk.

    Where to find the perfect Cortado?

    Find us in Venice Beach or Culver City and have one of our expert baristas whip up the ultimate Cortado!