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Curb Your Enthusiasm X Menotti’s Coffee Stop Recap

Curb Your Enthusiasm X Menotti’s Coffee Stop Recap

What a weekend! For those who didn’t know, Menotti’s underwent a total transformation last Friday, hosting a weekend pop-up of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Latte Larry’s Spite Shop.

If all of that was a load of gibberish, let us break it down for you. 


HBO’s hit television series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, is celebrating the launch of its final season, which went live on February 4th. In Season 10 of the show, main character Larry David opened a coffee shop of his own named ‘Latte Larry’s’ in spite of his neighborhood local, ‘Mocha Joes.’

His iconic ‘spite store’ served dry scones, featured no wobbly tables and served only hot cups of spite (black filter coffee). 

Latte Larry's X Menotti's Coffee Stop Experience

From February 2-4th, we recreated Latte Larry’s at both of our LA Menotti’s locations (Venice Beach and Culver City), giving out free cups of hot spite and dry scones all day long.

You guys loved it! We had record online sales, merch sold out in store within the first two hours and we made plenty of friends in line who came to see us. Even Cheryl Hines from the show popped by to give a live Instagram tour of the Venice Beach location. 

 Curb Your Enthusiasm Latte Larrys Cheryl Hines

The reaction was crazy! We sold over 3,000 limited edition merch items, gave away more than 5,000 scones and cups of hot spite, and saw lines around the block all day from 7am until 4pm on all three days. 

Thank you so much to everyone who came and enjoyed the weekend with us, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Latte Larry's X Menotti's Limited Edition Coffee Beans

Missed out on the action? Although our merch is fully sold out, you can still buy limited edition Latte Larry’s coffee beans at our online store

Latte Larrys x Menottis Limited Edition Coffee Beans