Coffee Stop Menu

Our CA menu features signature drinks alongside the every day classics

Farm Shop Pastries

  • Blueberry coffee cake (V)
  • Blueberry muffin (GF)
  • Chocolate chip cookie (V)
  • Banana bread
  • Citrus olive oil cake
  • Cheddar & bacon scone
  • Artichoke danish
  • Assorted croissants: ask for todays' flavors
  • Venice Beach, CA

    56 Windward Ave,


    CA 90291, United States

  • Culver City, CA

    12430 Washington Blvd,

    Los Angeles,

    CA 90066, United States

  • Tokyo, Japan

    Maison Kitazawa,

    5 Chome-37-11 Kitazawa,

    Setagaya City,

    Tokyo 155-0031, Japan

  • Menotti's Van

    Always on the move, but never far away. Spot the Menotti's van at the Venice Farmer's market every Friday from 7-11am

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