Our Japan location is well placed in the hip neighbourhood of Kitazawa, Setagaya City, Tokyo.

Menotti's Tokyo

Born out of a friendship built over many years, Menotti's Tokyo is as much of a neighborhood hang out as our California locations. 

Lovingly curated by our good friend Tada and his partner Saori, Menotti's Tokyo looks the same from the outside, but has Japanese heart and soul on the inside.

The menu features our classic favorites, with some rare specialties unique to the Tokyo location including the Matcha Float and Milk Bread Toast.

Open every day except Tuesday, from 8am-6.30pm.


  • Venice Beach, CA

    56 Windward Ave,


    CA 90291, United States

  • Culver City, CA

    12430 Washington Blvd,

    Los Angeles,

    CA 90066, United States

  • Tokyo, Japan

    Maison Kitazawa,

    5 Chome-37-11 Kitazawa,

    Setagaya City,

    Tokyo 155-0031, Japan

  • Menotti's Van

    Always on the move, but never far away. Spot the Menotti's van at the Venice Farmer's market every Friday from 7-11am

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