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The Truth

The Truth represents what we think are the most fun and interesting coffees. Roasted lighter than The Answer, The Truth favors much larger extraction outputs that result in bright, lively, and crisp flavors. The Truth has a juicy sweetness but the three origins give it a complexity that makes it one of our most exciting taste experiences. The Truth will always have 25% Brazil Fazenda Rainha pulp natural in it as a base for body and balance. 

Origin: Honduras/ El Salvador

Region: Santa Barbara/ Santa Ana

Farm: Various

Variety: Parainema/ Various

Elevation: 1700-1800 masl

Process: Washed

Flavor Notes: Sweet, Juicy, Complex

Espresso Preparation: 20.5-21 grams in, 42-46 grams out, 27-31 seconds

  • $20.00